Cholera is a deadly disease that can spread quickly, particularly in areas with poor sanitation and limited access to clean water. In Mzimba Secondary School, the situation was no different, with a recent outbreak of cholera causing concern for students and staff alike. However, the Mtuli Foundation stepped in to provide vital support to help combat the outbreak.

The Foundation donated hand washing equipment, cleaning equipment and chemicals, and gloves to the school. This equipment will help students and staff to maintain good hygiene practices and reduce the spread of cholera.

The outbreak of cholera in Mzimba Secondary School is just one of many in Kalonga district, where the disease has claimed the lives of nearly 2,000 people since October 2022. In response to this crisis, the Mtuli Foundation has been working tirelessly to provide support to affected communities.

The Foundation’s approach to fighting cholera is multifaceted, with a focus on both prevention and treatment. By providing hand washing equipment, cleaning supplies, and gloves, the Foundation is working to prevent the spread of the disease in the first place. However, the Foundation also recognizes the importance of providing treatment for those who have already been affected by cholera.

Through partnerships with local health centers and clinics, the Foundation is working to provide access to medical care for those who need it. This includes providing medical supplies and equipment, as well as training for health care workers to help them effectively treat patients with cholera.

The Mtuli Foundation’s efforts to combat the cholera outbreak in Mzimba Secondary School and throughout Kalonga district are an inspiring example of how individuals and organizations can make a difference in the face of crisis. By providing vital support to affected communities, the Foundation is helping to save lives and prevent the spread of this deadly disease.


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