Mtuli Foundation is a youth-led nonprofit organization working in rural Karonga Northwest to facilitate community owned transformation. The organization has young professionals who have a great passion for community transformation. The organization has been in operation since 2020 after obtaining its registration status in December 2019. Since 2020, the organization has implemented its projects using funds realized from membership contributions and individual donors.


A society where youths are skilled and productive, children grow up happy, healthy and confident, and the whole population is empowered towards sustainable and socioeconomic development


To promote skills, capacity building and socio-economic transformation of the vulnerable rural society in Karonga Northwest through unanimous community participation in all level projects circle management.

Our work promise to Uphold The Trust placed in Us

We exist to transform lives. Our motivation has always been from the smiles of those who had all lost hope of the existence of a fairer world. We smile when they smile. But nothing could be possible without you. Thank you for supporting. If you have never supported, it never too late. Our work upholds the trust you place in us. You can donate via donate page or volunteer to get involved. If you have never been involved , it is never too late Sign in the contact form in the contact menu or email your interests to volunteers@mtulifoundation.org.